At Connors Sports Management, we embrace genuine values of hard work, trust, honesty, friendship and family.  With these values, our team aims to provide the best AFL Client Management services in Australia with particular focus on hands-on personal attention.

Contract Negotiation

The AFL Collective Bargaining Agreement makes it compulsory for AFL players to only use Accredited Agents.

Paul Connors and his team are Accredited Agents. Furthermore, Paul is a Certified Practicing Accountant.

Contract negotiation can be a delicate and protracted process.  Experience and timing are crucial. For 15 years, CSM has worked hard to achieve the best approach for our players with the end goal an arrangement that is both fair and equitable. Our qualified, highly skilled team are experts in this complicated area.

Tax & Financial Planning

Your contract alone will not make you financially secure. It’s what you do with your income that will. Connors Sports Management has formed close alliances with accounting firms that specialize in taxation matters for individuals within the AFL Industry. Advice from tax specialists is vital so you can keep up to date with a constantly changing taxation law.

Our preferred Lawyers have an impressive knowledge of the legalities associated with the AFL and provide valuable service to CSM. As a fully qualified accountant, Paul Connors will also work closely with you to create a budget and savings plan.

A successful combination of these three areas will result in the right structure to help you in this complicated area. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you maximize your savings potential.

Banking & Property

We work closely with a team of Financial Services experts who provide advice to all our players regarding mortgage products. They have been in the banking industry for 20 years and specialize in gaining housing loan approvals for AFL footballers.

We have arranged the purchase of properties for a large number of our clients. At Connors Sports Management there is a heavy emphasis on a player becoming financially responsible at an early age so he can be well placed to purchase property as soon as possible.

The Sharemarket

A player’s wealth portfolio must be a balanced one. We work with a respected full-service broking house that handles all our players’ sharemarket advice. The offer competitive fees, exclusive first option access to popular floats and expert, responsible advice regarding the investment of money in shares and other financial products.

Marketing & Promotions

Before you can appear in TV commercials, your profile must be raised. This happens when you play senior football on a regular basis. We can then work to build your presence in the lucrative marketing and promotion fields. Our clients have forged strong alliances with some of Australia’s leading brands and companies, all keen to be associated with AFL football.


Many AFL Players and draftees are unaware the AFL Players Association has won them many benefits and a wide number of servies. One of these benefits, for example, is an annual grant that goes towards your education.

Connors Sports Management will keep you up to date with such entitlements. We’ll help you with non-football career advice and your tertiary goals. Our constant monitoring of the AFL Players Association ensures you receive what you deserve.